A Brief History of FHS Entertainment

Founded in 2011, FHS Entertainment is an experience company – not an event company. An event is something you attend when your in-laws are in town. An experience is watching a buzzer beater by Michael Jordan, Montana connect with Dwight Clark in the corner of the end zone, Bobby Thompson’s “Shot Heard Round the World,” or the US beat the Soviets. Hence, when it comes to us diehard sports fans, the word event is not in our vocabulary.

Therefore, FHS strives to build unique experiences that bring you together with your favorite team’s most iconic legends. Sure, athletes may appear at Red Carpet events, but we believe every sports fan should have the opportunity to interact with their sports heroes. We are taking what used to be exclusive and making it inclusive. At each of our events, you will be placed in an intimate environment and given the opportunity to interact with sports legends. Ask them the questions you’ve been dying to know the answers to for years and listen to them tell stories and share their most cherished memories. You will walk away from our events feeling like you know your sports hero and not just his career stats.

Events For Diehard Sports Fans Alike

The founders of FHS are just like our customers; we are diehard sports fans. We live for rivalry games, tailgating, and all that comes with the magic of sports. It is not often in our lifetimes that we get to be in the same room as our heroes. So, we figured we should hold our experiences at times we would crave them most…right before the big game when we are eating, sleeping, and breathing sports.

All of our experiences combine sports, entertainment, and charity. We believe in the importance of building each and every community that sports have the ability to positively impact. FHS Entertainment: Experience the Magic of Sports.